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Science and Serenity

“Science and Serenity” organizes up-close encounters with natural, endangered environments, for educators, policy makers, members of industry and other groups. These visits are intended to give the people who can make a difference in preserving these environs a chance to experience them, appreciate their richness, realize how we cannot let them dissapear, and be inspired to do something about it. It also is a chance to promote dialogue and cooperation between different sectors. Additionally, participants in the excursions assist in collecting scientific data, which provides investigators with needed information as well as providing a hands-on experience in the scientific method, giving insights into scientific perspectives and the importance of monitoring and research.

Would you like to participate in, sponsor, help organize, or suggest a location for an encounter?

Please contact Heather Spence – info at heatherspence dot net (subject line Science and Serenity)

Founder: Cory Giacobbe

SS Team: Cory Giacobbe, Nick Giacobbe, Maya Giacobbe, Heather Spence, Brent Spence, Janet Dunkelberger

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