Donations to Projects

There are a number of projects that will not be able to continue without outside funding. If you are interested in donating materials, time/expertise, or money (even $20 can buy 2 collectors, or print 20 books), please contact Heather Spence (info at heatherspence dot net)

The following are some of the projects that need additional support:

Snip Six Pack Rings Campaign (to provide scissors, poster materials to schools)

A Field Guide to the Yucatecan Coast (to identify native flora and fauna)

2nd Edition, Marine Life of the Mexican Caribbean (research and printing)

Caribbean Spiny Lobster Artficial Reef/Collector Investigation

Courses and materials for tour guides (to promote ecology awareness)

Elementary school presentations on Marine Ecology

Science and Serenity Ecological Encounters

Acoustic mapping/passive acoustic monitoring, linking results to ecosystem health

Solar electric boats for use by park guards in protected marine areas (less contamination, less noise pollution)

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