Upcoming Events Winter 2008

Dec 14

Christmas Concert, Cancun Choir with guest instruments (including viola da gamba!)

Church Corpus Cristi, 8pm

Monday December 1, 9pm CONCERT

Ars Viva’s last Brandenburg concert of the season, presenting #6 along with other awesome music by Bach, Vivaldi and friends

Plus a special bonus premier of the first viola da gamba in Cancun!!!!

Casa de la Cultura, 50mxp

Nov 24 to 28

is National Conservation week! Starting with Inauguration Monday (free concert by ensemble Vivace! in Plaza Kulkulcan at 11:30am), the whole week is filled with activities and workshops about conservation. Every day there are school trips to see the reef, and puppet shows and other musical and theatrical events. The close is Saturday, in Pto Morelos. Check the CONANP website, visit the SEMARNAT office, or contact me for more details.

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