Whale Sharks – Isla Mujeres

The largest whale shark aggregations ever reported in the world have been found off Isla Mujeres. Here are some pictures I took there today with the kind help of John and Adriana of Ceviche Tours. Everywhere I looked there were whale sharks. Incredible! These huge fish move slowly so I hope boaters will stop and enjoy watching them, or slow down and avoid the area.

Fins on the water
MANY WS fins on the water
WS at surface
WS at surface
One type of ID tag
One type of ID tag at dorsal fin base
Remora - a fish that sticks itself to the whale shark with that round flat part of its head
Remoras are often found with WSs. This fish has a round suction disk on its head, with which it can attach itself to WSs and other marine animals, enabling it to ride along
whale shark mouth - open to feed on plankton
WS mouth - open to feed on plankton

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