Yucatan Peninsula named top destination in 2012

Frommer’s named the Yucatan Peninsula one of the top 10 destinations, pointing to its natural beauty, safety and culture.

You may also be interested to know that 2012 to the Maya represents a change rather than a disaster. (This was made abundantly clear to me by my colleagues in Cancun when we went to see the film 2012, which conveniently overlooked that part!)

For the article and to check out the other destinations, go to the Frommer’s website.

Photo credit: Nick Giacobbe

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  1. Thanks for giving Nick a photo credit! This article and photo really make me want to go down to Cancun. I am hopeful that the “change” in 2012 will be in the form of changing actions toward sustainability by humans as we come to realize the interconnectivity of all life on the planet.

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