Study Shows Benefits of Marine Reserves on the MesoAmerican Reef

A new study in the Caribbean supports Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as beneficial to reef fish populations. The researchers used baited remote underwater video surveys to track them at both fished and protected sites off Belize, and found more in the protected areas. For more information, see the full article (free) on PLoS ONE: PLos ONE

For more information on the benefits of marine protected areas / marine reserves, here are a few links:

Washington Post article about the study with video

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation Technical Report 2012-02 “A review of the conservation benefits of marine protected areas for pelagic species associated with fisheries” (PDF)

ICRAN 2005 “Marine Protected Areas: Benefits and Costs for Islands” (PDF)

USA NOAA “About the National System of Marine Protected Areas” (Website Link)

PISCO in California “MPA Design and Monitoring” (Website Link)

Australian Department of Environment and Heritage 2003 “The Benefits of Marine Protected Areas” (PDF)

Another Australian Report 2010 “The Economics of Marine Protected Areas” by the Allen Consulting Group (Website Link)




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