A poetic conversation with David Mayer de Rothschild

DR: Hi

HS: Coo’

DR: It sometimes feels as if we’re trying to ruin the planet before the end of the century, as if we were trying to meet some sort of apocalyptic deadline. Of course this isn’t news to you… we’re doing all sorts of colossally awful things to the planet… dumping tens of thousands of tons of plastic into our oceans… We need to stop being at war with Nature! I don’t know anyone who actually harbors a personal grudge against Nature.

HS: Resources abound, When we are thankful for them, Today and all days

DR: Yes!

HS: Nuestros impactos, Pueden ser soluciones, Vale la pena!

DR: Word…. Thank you… As from where I’m sitting the language we use to speak of the world and its creatures, including ourselves, may have gained a certain analytical and expertise pomp, but in return it has lost much of its power to designate what is being analysed or to convey any respect or care or affection or devotion toward it. We’re loosing a sense of hope!

HS: Decisions need hope, Focus not on what we lost, Explore what we have!

DR: The Environmental Movement has become the undertaker of the wilderness, publishing dimensions, statistics, and rates of decay and our scientists catalog the destruction of the environment, but have so far been unable to as effectively “study” possibilities and potentials.

HS: We have the science! But we need recognition, We need promotion

DR: Are we paddling up shit creek? I can’t help but think that while early life might have been one of struggle, of limited local resources and early death, there wouldn’t have been concern about exhausting global resources. Were we evolved for different circumstances – for endless horizon and unlimited resources? Have our brains not had time to catch up to the changes our brains have made?

HS: Let’s use our good brains; Optimally Foraging; Our past and future

DR: We need to find our roots again and listen to what nature has to say!

HS: Down is up to roots, Reaching for their sky, Where does your route lead?

DR: Playing with textures! This is telling me to take my shoes off and roll around! When was the last time your feet touched the earth?!

HS: Supported by Earth, Gravity draws us closer, Everything connects

DR: We’re one of only a few things that grow without roots! Maybe if we all ate more root vegetables we all might just end up being a little more grounded?

HS: Beneath our footprints, Lives a dark rich underworld; Roots reach for Earth’s core

DR: Our feet… are our receptors to Mother Earth…

HS: Plant yourself firmly, Two direct Earth connections… Four if you’re a dog…

DR: I sometimes wonder, if we we weren’t all so afraid of being animals and didn’t try so hard to disguise this, maybe there would be greater honesty and openness to our interactions with each other.

HS: For any creature, There exists the perfect niche, We can get along

DR: It always fascinated me that fruit ripens. It is a natural part of the plant’s life cycle, the process that makes it sweet and attracts animals (like us) to spread its seed. But even though we know this fact, when we go to the store we somehow conspire to forget that we are eating fruit from a tree.

HS: Ah, pollination! In the air and all around, Plants are having sex

DR: It’s kind of amazing … We have so much to learn on how to remain balanced with Nature! If only we could start listening that would be a huge step in the right direction.

HS: Listen to the trees, Ocean, wind, dirt, and all life, We too are Nature!

DR: Loving this creativity! It’s a pretty rad way to get you dreaming…

HS: Our eyes are lenses, Seeing what we want to see, Even in our dreams

DR: We just need to learn to open our eyes and feel! The purity and beauty of humanity still exists!

HS: Balance with nature, Is possible everywhere, Even in cities… Nature surrounds us, Trees connecting sky and Earth, Humans holding hands…

P1040305DR: Excited…. I keep on thinking about our outdated brain model! Isn’t it funny that we’re more scared of being bitten by a snake than we are of losing the entire species?

HS: Socially minded, we trackour interactions, and plan our futures

DR: I can’t but help think that somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten that Nature is more than climate change.

HS: Priorities are, Respect Restore then Replace. Sooner is better!

DR: Genius! Maybe its time we start to listen to Nature

HS: Land, ocean and air, Cross political borders, With unknown desires

DR: Let’s promote weapons of mass education!

HS: Finite resources, choice of competition or, collaboration…

DR: Who am I to judge…

HS: Night time cedes to day, Diurnal species rejoice; Seeds, full of promise…

DR: I feel blessed… Thank you… Sometimes being an explorer has its perks! Still dreaming of the open ocean! Hello you little beauty!

HS: Skip skip skip to my loo —

DR: Being a Brit I’ve never understood why you would describe a loo as a restroom! I don’t know about you but it’s always felt a little bit like false advertising!

HS: — Quick before we go to sea, Or head to my head!

DR: Nothing like a little hop skip and hang to make you feel alive!

HS: Riding on water, Wanting to save what’s inside, So time to make waves…

DR: Time to go get lost out on an adventure! Sweet!



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