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Sound Walk for Dolphin Day

Celebrate Dolphin Day by going on a sound walk!


Sound is central to dolphin lives. They use sound not only for communication, but also to “see” using echolocation!

You can learn more about sound in the environment and have a good time by going on a Sound Walk:

Choose a location. Any location. Alone or with a group.
Close your eyes and listen to any sounds you hear.
Now open your eyes and move to another nearby location. Do the same thing.
What sounds are the same? What sounds are different?
Try to describe the sounds. What is the source of the sound? What does the sound “sound” like?
What sounds are produced by living creatures? By machines?
Which sounds seem pleasant? Unpleasant?

Keep going as long as you can! You can also try multiple locations, indoors or outdoors.

You’ll be amazed at the things you discover when you actively focus on the wealth of sonic information that is all around us!

Spread the word and raise awareness of noise pollution and the importance of sound to dolphins!

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