Heather Spence

Heather ‘Luna’ Spence

Marine Biologist, Musician, Composer

I work with scientists, politicians and artists in Mexico and the US, to promote my vision of International Sustainability Centers headquartered in Cancun, MX, to foster research and cooperation, bringing together diverse stakeholders to find mutually beneficial solutions for protecting the environment while promoting responsible development. In my personal creative practice, I combine science and sound to create music to better connect humans with our ocean planet.

Support coastal sustainability research and outreach in Cancun and globally.

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Just as the order of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle helps us prioritize our actions, remember to RESPECT, RESTORE, REPLACE!



For inquiries related to media interviews, consulting, science talking head, show host, performing artist, or keynote speaker, please send an email outlining the request to info (at) heatherspence.net

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Marine Life Activity Book Cover

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to orchestrate creative solutions for ecologic and economic sustainability using sound interdisciplinary coastal marine investigation and dynamic educational outreach

Focus Areas:

Research Subjects –

Interspecies interaction

Sound, music, vibration, communication

Ecosystem dynamics and human influence

Acoustically conspicuous species

Invasive species

Recruitment and connectivity

Research Locations –

Sea shore and shallow waters

Coastal sites with maximum human interface

Marine Protected Areas

Research Methods –

Field surveys, monitoring

Ecological Acoustic Recorders (EARs)

Setting up Marine Passive Acoustic Monitoring Networks

Linkages of biological and physical factors

Citizen Science

Outreach Objectives –

Build respect among government, commercial interests, scientists and environmentalists, to develop mutually beneficial strategies

Develop effective policymakers and environmental stewards



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