My compositions range from soundscapes and sound art, to sheet music for ensembles large and small, to digital tracks you can stream at your next party or while doing yoga.

Rehearsal of “¿Vale la Pena?” for viola da gamba trio

Image: Linda Payzant

Styles of Composition

Sheet Music is a written form of music composition that describes to musicians how to perform the work. Notation varies among cultures, centuries, and practices.

Digital Tracks are compositions that are created to be listened to electronically (versus a recording of a live performance).

Mixed works can combine directions to the performers such as sheet music, as well as recorded soundtracks or effects. Other media may also be included.

Methods of Composition

Sound Art is an artistic form in which sound is both central and a focus for the artistic exploration. Sound art works vary considerably and its relationship to music is debated.

Soundscape compositions incorporate or evoke the experience of listening to sounds in an environment. They may draw inspiration or content from nature recordings.

Nature Music is a style of music composition inspired and driven by natural soundscapes. The resulting music can take a variety of forms, including pop music and world music styles.

a few examples:

Sheet Music

  • “equilibrium” for viola da gamba quartet (won the Traynor competition 2021)
  • “Reckoning of the Abyss” for chamber orchestra and solo viola da gamba (premier 2023)
  • “While Ye Have The Light” for SATB choir (recorded on Hear the Light 2020)

Digital Tracks

  • Cetacean Vibe (on Whale Hello There 2023)
  • Fantasmas del Arrecife (soundscape composition 2023)
  • Echoes to Future (in honor of Mark Ballora)
  • Midnight Rhythm (sonification-based composition from NAKFI grant)

Mixed Works

  • Reef Recall (performance for cello, spoken word, and soundscape compositions)
  • Ocean Memory


  • Murmur (soundscape composition collaboration with Klaus Dobbler)
  • Roumana Ensemble
  • New experimental works as part of the Consort Cooperative