Some of my eclectic recording projects:

Fantasmas del Arrecife / Ghosts of the Reef – October 2023. Every sound sample in the piece was recorded underwater in the MesoAmerican Reef by me and the Ocean World of Sound team, and includes shrimp, fish, and boat motors. Through a variety of pitch and time filters, I evoke space and eeriness, remembering the sounds of this reef before the current major bleaching event, and raising questions about the future. Ghosts of the Reef explores themes of lost soundscapes and ocean memory. The piece is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jaime Gonzalez Cano, champion of MesoAmerican Reef research and conservation. 

Whale Hello There woman looking at ocean on album cover

Whale Hello There (July 2023)

Heather Spence

Available on bandcamp and all streaming platforms. Full info here

Hear the Light (2020)

Full info here

Universal Antithesis (2007)

Conscious Structure

(cello, composition)

Trip Hop with cellos and viola

Open Invitation (2005)

Taylor Carson


singer/songwriter with strings

Lift Thou Up The Light (2016)

with Mary Victoria Voutsas

(cello, vocals)