Music is a part of everything I do. Sometimes, music is a focus or product of a project, and examples can be found in the sections below. If you have an idea for a collaborative music project, let me know.

I Would Swim So Far For You

Original Song for World Fish Migration Day by Heather Spence #LoveFlows Special thanks to Naia for the cuteness contribution.

(Chorus) I would swim so far for you It’s what some fish were born to do, From the river to the sea, I’ll be there you’ll see,  I would swim so far for you!

(Verse 1) Am I feeling amorous? Or maybe just anadromous? Butterflies in my swim bladder, As I climb a fish ladder. How we find our way upstream, Is still unclear to academe. By smell, or sight, or feel, or sound, We really know our way around! I’m compelled to get it on, Feel I really need to spawn. Gotta find where my life began  To start the cycle once again.

Ocean Memory

fossil whale ear

I am creating music and instruments exploring themes of Ocean Memory with fossil whale ear bones.

Underwater Music

Underwater sounds are a major focus of my musical explorations and compositions, from listening, to recording, to underwater sound design.

Sound-Based Fashion

Currently I am exploring the interface of sound, music, and fashion. Stay tuned.