Music is everywhere and for everyone. In my private lessons, online classes, and workshops I hope to inspire people to fully embrace their inner musical voice and share it with the world.

Online Courses

My Nature Music class is available on Studio.com/heather

Coming soon – a beginning piano class like no other. Stay tuned.

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Music bridges cultures and centuries.

Music brings people together.

Plant Music

At the U.S. Botanic Garden I engage with visitors about sounds and plants. Did you know that plants make sounds? Sense sounds? Change the sounds around us?

This fruit instrument is powered by a Playtron device connected to Koala sampling app. Everyone wants to play the fruit instrument.

I also have some low tech dried plant materials for people to explore sonically.

Plants make sounds, some of which we can hear (like, rustling of leaves), and some we can’t (like, high pitched popping sounds when they are thirsty)

An aha moment comes when I ask, what would this room sound like if you removed the plants?

Echo-y and loud. So, thanks plants!

I enjoy merging my musical journey with others, including encouraging music making in all forms and places.

Music is not just for the pros! It used to be a major pastime when people got together. With the seeming necessity of perfection brought on by recorded music, sometimes people feel like music-making just isn’t for them, or that they can’t branch out and try something strange or new. But music is for everyone.