Whale Hello There Album by Heather Spence

Release Date: July 18, 2023

Marine biologist, musician, and composer Heather Spence interprets underwater field recordings by jamming with them. In “Whale Hello There” she highlights voices of marine creatures including whales, seals, and even shrimp, other underwater sounds such as anthropogenic noises, and acoustic and digital instruments. These compositions explore themes of marine conservation, and the ocean’s voice.

Available on bandcamp and all major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and Pandora. If you are old school like me and want a physical CD, please email me or fill out this form.

1. Cetacean Vibe     2:087. Glacier Bay Depths     5:00
2. Whale D.M.     4:388. Ocean Unicorn     2:48
3. Pinnipedia     2:449. Water Be Like     3:32
4. Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun    2:2010. Waiting out the Waves     2:37
5. Dolphin S.O.S.   2:0211. Inside Voices    3:38
6. Boat Motor Jam      4:0912. Aqua     6:32

  1. Cetacean Vibe     2:08

What if Toothed Whales and Baleen Whales jammed together?

Mexico Coastal Field Recordings: Bottlenose Dolphin Squawk, Bottlenose Dolphin Squawk Down Octave, Bottlenose Dolphin Chirp, Underwater Cleaning Brush, Water on Rocks. Other Field Recordings: Humpback Whale 1, Humpback Whale 2 (Tuned), Dolphin Calls (Reverbed). Samples: Bass Hit, Underwater Drum, Underwater Grand, Underwater Bass, Underwater Pad.

100 bpm

  1. Whale D.M.     4:38

Whale2, did you have more to say?

Mexico Coastal Field Recordings: Bottlenose Dolphin Squawks, Chirps, Whistles, and Echolocation (raw & tuned), Water on Rocks. Other Field Recordings: Humpback Whale 2 (Tuned). Samples: Top Loop Percussion, Petal Guitar, Guitar Mute, Spin, Synth Bass, Bass Sweep.

128 bpm

  1. Pinnipedia     2:44

Seals and Sea Lions, you wanna lead this one?

Field Recordings: Antarctic Fur Seal (raw & reversed at end revealing a secret message that I did not put there), California Sea Lion,  Manatee blow, Dusky Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin (tuned), Water, MesoAmerican Coral Reef. Samples: Urban Drums, Urban Bass.

120 bpm

  1. Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun    2:20

We interrupt this charismatic megafaunal programming with a PSA to please hide your sandwich

Field Recordings: Beach soundscape with gulls (raw & reversed), ocean waves, Snapping Shrimp snaps. Samples: Kick, Kick spire, Drums, Temp kick, Synth Stabs, Synth Pad.

110 bpm

  1. Dolphin S.O.S.   2:02

Do I have to spell it out for you?

Field Recordings: Dusky dolphin calls & echolocation (sampled, slowed, tuned), Humpback whale2 (tuned), Gulls, Ocean waves. Samples: GhostShell Synth, DrumLoop 15, Upright Bass.

140 bpm

  1. Boat Motor Jam      4:09

If you can’t beat it, join it?

Field Recordings: Underwater recording of a boat motor in MesoAmerican Reef that I discussed in my doctoral dissertation. Samples: Oneness melodic drone loop, Organic induction drum, Synth bells, Mini wet percussion loop, Distant kick drum, Percussion tubes, Zenhiser percussion, Drum loop with a ton of reverb, Open synth drop chords. Midi: Orchestra.

128 bpm

  1. Glacier Bay Depths     5:00

What do you hear in the cold and dark?

Field Recordings from Voices of Glacier Bay Soundscape Project:




Humpback_whale_moo_etc_25Sep01-0840 2

Killer Whale d708efda-0bef-4399-b256-b5346836405c


Samples: Wet Spacey Vocal One Shot, Quadral Synth Pad, SO MANY PIANOS (Piano Loop Sabotage, Piano Melody Awaken, PIano Loop High n Happy, Nightfall Piano Dry, Acoustic Piano Loop Turn Around, Keys Loop Piano Wet, Synth arp loop rosewood, Piano Loop 17 small, Piano Hard Drop, Keys Loops 7 Hard Piano, No Control Keys), Drum Full Triptych, Drive Kick, Indian Drums, Drum Loop Teniente No Kick Trend.

120 bpm

  1. Ocean Unicorn    2:48

Speaking of cold, care to join us?

Field Recordings: Narwhal, Ocean Waves, More Ocean Waves, Water Splash. Samples: Sitar, Tremolo strings, Spinn atmosphere strings, Clap, Crash, Kick, Riser. Midi: Strings.

120 bpm

  1. Water Be Like     3:32

Water you thinking about?

Water Recordings: Water drops, Underwater sweeping, Bubbles, Splash, Pouring Water. Samples: Sitar, Dolphin Snare, Up We Go, Shaker Hit Snake More, Deep Kick, Bendji Allonce Shaker Loop.

Midi: Custom Pad, Sad Lake Lead.

112 bpm

  1. Waiting out the Waves     2:37

Water you waiting for?

Field Recordings: Beach soundscape, Dock soundscape. Samples: Leviathan Percussion Loop, JerryCans Drum. Midi: Orchestra, Custom Various.

100 bpm

  1. Inside Voices    3:38

What is inside?

Studio Recordings: My Voice (raw & manipulated).

Field Recordings: Humpback whales, Ocean Waves. Samples: Goat Skin Drum Loop, Disco Open Hat Loop. Midi: Synth Voice, MaiTai “Welcome Back.”

100 bpm

  1. Aqua     6:32

Now what?

Field Recordings: MesoAmerican Reef, Gulls, Beach Soundscape.

Samples: Percussion hit, Dry percussion balcony, Wet Loop2, Frame drum, More and more frame drum, Kit Fill Wet, Ambient Fingers, Analog Sea Bird. Midi: Seven Bell, Woodbell, Rising Mod Strings, Spicatto Strings, Pizzicato Strings.

100 bpm