Sound of the Month

The sound of the month is…

spiny lobster!

Spiny lobsters rub their antenna on their head sort of like playing a stringed instrument, creating a scratchy sound. In this underwater recording I collected near Isla Contoy, Mexico, you can hear the crackling sound of snapping shrimp and several clear spiny lobster scratches!

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The sound of the month for October was…

the MesoAmerican Coral Reef during the full moon.

Feel free to listen to a little, or a lot, or put it on loop as a calming background for working!

Whale Hello There woman looking at ocean on album cover
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Whale Hello There album

Check out my new album Whale Hello There featuring underwater sound recordings with a chill electronic world fusion feel! It’s instrumental so feel free to listen carefully or put it on while working. Some of the tracks could be good for yoga. Let me know what you think! Available on all major streaming platforms. If…